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Inspecting Your Garage Door Safely

02/27/2014 Back To Blog

Inspecting Your Garage Door SafelyWith effective Garage Door Maintenance, you will have peace of mind that both the panels and the opener will be in good condition and continue to operate efficiently for many years to come. One of the most essential components of the maintenance work is the inspection of the metal and moving parts of the system. Find out how to do it effectively and safely while ensuring troubleshooting solutions.

Important Safety Precautions

The most important thing you need to first is to shut off the Garage Door Opener. You must ensure that it will not start running in the middle of the inspection. Otherwise you risk a serious injury not only to yourself but others in the garage area as well.

The other essential safety measure is to warn your family members that you will be working on the garage door. You must keep everyone especially children away during the inspection in order to avoid accidents. With the opener not working, there is a risk that the door may misbehave, so to speak.

Performing Detailed Inspection

The visual inspection has to cover several important elements. These include the Garage Door Rollers, Cables, Pulley's, spring's, Hinges and any mounting hardware. Check the condition of the metal parts. Look for obvious signs of damage such as bending, dents and chipping. Look for loosening of the parts, misalignment and discoloring as well. The lack of lubrication is pretty obvious and cannot go unnoticed. You will hear pretty disturbing rapping or screeching sounds as well.

Many people share how their Garage Door Cable snapped without them knowing. This could be unpleasant and actually quite dangerous. That is why you need to pay special attention to the cables during the inspection. Look for signs of wear and tear. Fraying is another serious sign that replacement is required. Generally, it is easy to notice when a cable has lost its elasticity and strength.

Finally, you should perform the visual inspection every month. That way, you will be able to notice any serious issues timely and provide the required Garage Door Repair.

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