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Below you will find great answers to all garage door questions. We kept them short and straight to the point.

Do new openers come with backup batteries?

The battery backup system is not integrated in modern garage door openers. It is sold separately, it's easy to install and doesn't cost much according to the specialists of Garage Door Repair Lynbrook. So, you can buy it any time and not along with the opener.

Why is the pace of the door not the same?

It's best to check the condition of the garage door cables. If they are loose or ready to come off the drum, they will create problems to the pace of the door's movement. Alternatively, you can also check the springs.

What are different types of garage door openers?

Garage door openers vary from the mechanism they use to open, according to our specialists. There is the chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive, among others. They all have unique features, but the chain drive is the oldest and most common type. It has the tendency to be noisy because of the metal-to-metal contact.

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